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Discover a world of intrigue and satisfaction with contemporary fiction and by Dorothy Elizabeth Love. Enrich your downtime with stories of true passion.

Find engaging stories covering real-life issues, such as love and overcoming challenges. Dorothy Elizabeth Love's contemporary fiction is highly regarded by critics and regularly receives high ratings. Visit Amazon now to view her entire selection of contemporary fiction.

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Contemporary literature by Dorothy speaks to the adult in us all. These stories traverse the whole emotional spectrum and engage you, the reader, with a positive and sensual angle rarely covered in lesser quality fiction. 

Taken by You - Erotic Literature
Everlasting Movement
Everlasting Moments is a story of having the courage to overlook the pains of the past in order to embrace one's future. Rhea Hamilton has refused to open her heart to another man after finding her ex-fiancé in bed with another woman. On temporary assignment in Rio de Janeiro, the last thing she is looking for is love. Especially from a playboy like Gustavo Owens.
When Dreams Float Cover - Erotic Literature

When Dreams Float
When Dreams Float is the second novel in my TLC (Travel and Love) collection. Melanie McDae spent ten years loving a man who could only hate. The last thing she's looking for is intimacy. Winston Knight is a pragmatic doctor who believed dreams of love no longer probable for him, as evident by the 'drama causing' girlfriend. Neither Melanie nor Winston expected to find love is the most unlikely place.. in each other.

Taken by You - Erotic Literature

Taken By You
This is the final novel in the Ryan Family’s collection (the others: Whispers in the Night  & And Then Came You)  and reunites the Ryan family in Taken By You for the wedding of Parker Ryan and Chi. Leila Chamberlain is Chi's best friend and Reese McCoy is the Best Man. A troubled married left Reese reserved and hurt. He's spent the past few years rebuilding his life, only to find out that Leila was the only thing he hadn't counted on truly needing to complete it. Leila finding happiness from a man she barely knows means jeopardizing her family and hard-earned career success. She can’t have it all and choosing will mean losing more than what she bargained for…
Crossing Paths, Tempting Memories Cover - Erotic Literature
Crossing Paths, Tempting Memories
Third in the TLC series. Caitlyn Crenshaw's fiancé is handsome, has all the trappings of success and the worst kind of womanizer. Richard Townsend's vindictive wife has spent the past year making the divorce process a living nightmare. When Caitlyn and Richard head to Barbados, neither wants love however, both cling to a temporary escape in each other's arms. Then temporary becomes all consuming. Richard doesn't tell Caitlyn of his marriage and when she discovers his deception, will she believe it's a replay of her relationship with her fiancé or trust she's found the love she'd been so desperately looking for.
Taken by You - Erotic Literature
Whispers in the Night
Whispers in the Night is a story about fighting for what you believe in even if it means sacrificing love. Patricia Ryan is the board president of a center for at-risk kids. Mackenzy-Duran Company is looking to demolish the center. Mac Carter, owner of Mackenzy-Duran, finds that he wants to win Patricia's heart, but risks losing his own during the battle over the center.
Taken by You - Erotic Literature
And Then Came You
And Then Came You is a story about finding love after loss. Parker Ryan witnesses the death of the love in his life two days before the wedding. A year passes and he crosses the path of a great doctor and amazing woman, Chi Addams, whose secrets can rekindle Parker's past pain. Will he run or try love again?
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