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And Then Came You Excerpt

The pain from his past was too deep to heal… But then again she's a doctor…

"Look, Mr. Ryan, I can appreciate your attempt to comfort your mother, but I think as her doctor I know what's best for her."  She looked at him pointedly, hoping to hide the way his sexy grin was affecting her. "And jumping into her bed, moving her injured hip, isn't. I would appreciate it if you would…"

Parker had just brazenly placed the palm of his right hand against the wall next to her shoulder, halting her words.
Chi looked from his eyes to his hand then back to his eyes. The laugh lines around his eyes deepened, enhancing the warm, enticing stare. Thick, black brows winged soft brown eyes. The brown coloring reminded her of warm toffee running over the sides of vanilla ice cream. His pupils were slightly dilated, making his gaze even more penetrating. As the toffee stare moved from her lips back to her eyes, a warm tingle bubbled inside her. The corners of his lips tipped higher, widening his lazy grin. He had the straightest, whitest teeth. The black, silky hairs of his facial stubble showed the shadow of a beard on his pecan complexion. It added a rugged, appealing, and dangerously alluring feature. He smelled of musk cologne and manliness. She liked that.
"…follow my instructions without question," Chi finished. She was slightly surprised that it took so long to complete that sentence.
 "I'll do whatever you want. As long as I can…" Parker stopped, enjoying her attempt to remain in control, "enjoy it."