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Dorothy Elizabeth Love is the author of several novels. She is a motivational speaker who facilitates workshops on developing and improving the art of writing.

Dorothy reads and replies to all personal notes. She would love to get your thoughts!


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Order my novels from any online or neighborhood bookstore! Can you help me spread the word by emailing friends about my books? Just send them the link to my homepage...

Also, expressing topics in my books that impact the African American community while sprinkling in a love story of two people fighting to overcome their own personal issues will continue to be a theme in my novels. Readers have expressed wanting to give me ideas for a good story. What's yours? I might be able to include your input in one of my collections below:

Ryan's Family Collection
"Whispers in the Night"
"And Then Came You"
"Taken By You"

TLC ‘Travel and Love’ Collection
"Everlasting Moments"
"When Dreams Float"
"Crossing Paths, Tempting Memories”
“Once Upon A Midnight Blue"

Scott's Family Collection
A family of five. Adam Scott, Allen Scott, Amir Scott, Ahmad Scott and their sassy baby sister, BreAnna Scott. I'm working on this series of novels now. The Scott's brothers and BreAnna all need a love interest. So far, Amir is the only one to find love.

"Undeniable" is Amir's story. He's a fireman.
"Unforgettable" will tell Adam's story. He's a financial investor.

I'll reveal the rest of the "UNpack" titles later. Allen is a lawyer. Admad is a business consultant and BreAnna works in Corporate America.

Here are the answers to questions I’ve been asked the most…

Q: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

My response: I write a variety of stories. The Ryan Family Collection deals with more serious issues that affect women and African Americans. This collection will make you cry, make you laugh, make you believe in the ‘finally a happy ever after.’ The new TLC Series gives me, and hopefully my readers, a chance to explore the lighter side of life. These novels are designed to cuddle the reader’s senses, make them laugh and explore an exotic location. I hope readers enjoy a small chance to escape into a romantic fantasy, possibly learn something about the human spirit, as well as discover a romantic place to visit using books in this line: EVERLASTING MOMENTS, WHEN DREAMS FLOAT and CROSSING PATHS, TEMPTING MEMORIES.

Q:What are the challenges for you, when building your story line and plot?

My response: My challenges relate more to the lack of time to fully devote to writing. Managing a fulltime-consulting career with travel leaves little time for creative writing. I spend a significant amount of time developing the main characters. In doing so, these characters are so 3-dimensional that, believe it or not, they help me to ‘tell the story’ I want to write because they’re as real and close to me as friends or family. Having the time to visit with them is just as difficult as seeing my real friends and family.

Q. How does a story develop for you from idea to manuscript?

My response:  I start with a memorable or problematical experience I’ve had then ask a few questions about it. For example: If I tripped and stumbled out of the elevator and into a group of people dropping my notes to an important meeting then… I would laugh, ask myself: “What if my female character stumbled into the man of her dreams. He helps her up, but accidentally (or purposely) takes with him the important notes she was to present at a meeting?” I give the two main characters a profession and a past. And the story starts with my asking five more questions: “How will they first meet?” “When will the first kiss take place?” “Where will the lovemaking happen?” “What will ruin the relationship for them?” and lastly “How will they overcome their issues?”

Q: When did you start writing romance?

My response: As a teenager I had written poetry and attempted to sell to greeting card companies. The death of my mother in 1994 was later followed by a difficult divorce. I began reading less of 'self-help' books and more romance novels because it gave me a sense of relief, peace. It was a fantasy world that allowed me to temporarily escape my reality. My love of reading blossomed into a desire to write about characters that I most wanted to read about. My first novel was published in 1999. Since then, I've completed over six novels, three short stories and outlined a dozen other manuscripts.

Q. Do you have any advice for those aspiring writers?

My response: Writing is something you have to want to do. For a very few, the first sale is an easy, extremely enjoyable, and financially successful experience. But that’s not the case for all. So determine what minimum level of success you are willing to accept so you aren’t disappointed.

Lastly: “Love the desire to write… and write the story you love.” D. E. Love