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Putting the Pep in Plotting is designed to assist beginning writers with concepts and ideas for enhancing how they structure and outline the "story" of a novel.  Too much writing without plot preparation can be a time-waster.  This guidebook will give you the techniques to save writing time, keep your writing on track, and help get to THE END of your novel. 
The secret to success outlined in this guidebook includes the top-10 elements of the plot sketch:
                           -  Opening
                           -  Main Characters
                           -  Characters' Goals, Motivation and conflict
                           -  The Setting (time, place, location, season, etc...)
                           -  First Encounter
                           -  First Kiss
                           -  First Lovemaking  (especially important for romance novels)
                           -  Conflict
                           -  Resolution
                           -  Closing
All design to help you get to THE END of your novel.


Softcopy:  978-1-4931-2792-9
EBook:      978-1-4931-2798-6
To order your copy, visit: www.Xlibris.com or any online bookstore.


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