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Taken by You Excerpt

It had to be nervousness.

How else could she explain the anxiety she felt as she waited to meet the man who tiptoed around her dreams and didn’t know she existed?

Not only was Reese McCoy a stranger to her, but he was the famed football player, model and successful businessman. So much rolled into one man. That was probably why her heart was racing.

At Atlanta International airport, Leila stood in the shadows fifty feet away from the gate, scanning the crowd for the face she had seen many times in newspapers and on TV. She hadn’t discovered any of the details about his personal life until the previous night when she had discussed him while viewing his pictures in the photo album of her friend Chi. The album was followed by an exciting look through a male pinup calendar. The barely clothed pinups hinted at a story about Reese McCoy that completely enticed and motivated her to reexamine the photo album.

This time around she had noticed that the less publicly known pictures in the album revealed expressions of happiness that seemed to lessen more and more as time passed by. Leila found that somewhat unsettling.

When Reese McCoy finally deplaned the aircraft from Scottsdale, Arizona, he flashed that wonderful smile—one Leila had come to like—at the airline attendant greeting passengers. His black pants and matching shirt nicely emphasized what she knew was an incredibly fit body underneath.


she thought, tingling, he's too fine in person.

Reese suddenly turned that alluring smile toward her. It masked the troubles she had heard he was having. Yet, still, it caused her breath to catch, pant a little. Too bad she had never met him in person before now.

Leila was about to wave to get his attention, but he turned and looked about, searching for someone. Leila knew he was looking for his friend, but wished it could have been her. She also knew that would never be the case. It seemed Reese McCoy had very little time for things outside of business, especially something as bothersome as a serious relationship.

Suddenly, his gaze returned to hers. This time their eyes locked for several moments. A slow, meaningful smile danced across his face. Leila couldn't stop her own mouth from reacting to his contagious smile. When he winked, she realized she was again staring. Did he think that she was just another pretty face on the long list of many that his tempting smile could entice? Embarrassed, she glanced away to refocus on her reason for being there.

Amazingly, in the short time she looked away he closed the distance between them.

Standing a few feet away he said, "Hello, pretty lady."

Probably a practiced line, she thought. He had no idea who she was or why she was there.

"I'm here to pick you up," Leila somehow found the confidence to say without breaking her stare.

He chuckled. "I haven't been to Atlanta in a while, but come-on lines have certainly gotten bolder. I guess my next question should be, Your place or mine?"

"My place." Leila enjoyed his surprised look. She’d caught him off guard. Maybe he wasn’t as practiced as she thought.

"Ohhh... yes," he growled softly, slowly, as his eyes roamed over her body. "I do miss Atlanta."