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What Others Say

Here are just a few of what others have been saying about my books.

Whispers in the Night

The book was wonderful, inspiring and so well written. One lives thru every phase of life thru it, and can reminisce with it. It gives hope to love between a man and woman especially to people of color. The section, where she visit her mom was so vivid and brought back my childhood. The importance of unconditional love, family values, struggles, becoming a strong survival. All, that I can say that I wanted to read more and experience it all. It added youth to me. The sex sections were so tastefully written. They demonstrated two people valuing the worth of one another. All the beauty that the bible described Adam as the first time he saw Eve. Please keep on with your writing and your mission. I shall pass it on. I love their independence with their own goal, yet their interdependence with their love for one another. I could go on and on… ~ Yvonne Eaglin-White
I loved the way you could see the maturing in the relationship between the main characters. You could feel their feelings build up. It was wonderful. I read the book in 3 days. I couldn't put it down. I felt myself gasping when something happening and smiling later. Great climax as well. ~ Cindy W

Truly a Good Story!

I strongly recommend my fellow romance readers to read this book; I know you should enjoy it.

In any story that mixes business with pleasure; well you are bound to get trouble in the relationship. But this story that takes place in Florida provides you with aggressiveness, some humor, lots of intimacy, lies, betrayal and unconditional love from a mother and brother. It also has some moments of danger that heightens the story that keeps you turning the pages.

I enjoyed the illustration that the author shows with Patricia, her mother and her brother Parker. The characters portray such unconditional love that I believe any of us can feel the love coming through as you read the book.

Thanks Ms. Love for this wonderful and enjoyable story. I hope you'll consider a story with Parker Ryan real soon.

This book was great! I enjoyed all the characters. We have all been there with the 'well-meaning' sister friends. It was good to see Patricia hold on to her professional goals, while dealing honestly with her short-comings. Mac was a brother with a purpose...I loved him. I am looking forward to Ms. Love's next book.
The reading of Whispers in the Night is not accomplished without stopping and visualizing the scenes, the details are so vivid, Patty's crispness, and determination combined with Mac's strength, business savvy and vulnerability makes each chapter so devouring and the next chapter an anticipation of more excitement.

And Then Came You


I really enjoyed Chi and Parker. Parker was an entrepreneur who had visions. He always saw visions about people he was in love with. He saw the woman he was going to marry get hit by a car two days before their wedding. After that incident, he decided he would keep his feelings under wraps.

Parker’s mother had an accident and ended up in the hospital. There is where he met the beautiful Chi Addams. She was his mother's doctor.

Chi was the single mother of a son with sickle cell. Her mother was helping her with her son while she worked late. Chi didn't want to be attracted to Parker, but it was inevitable. Parker was persistent, sweet and very handsome.  There is a large number of African American with Sickle Cell traits or disease. I have friends that have lost love ones to the disease. My own grandfather had the trait.  I liked the way Chi decided to take control of her own life, instead of allowing her mother to run it. The way she handled her son's father who had been absent the entire boy's young life.   Parker is also in the book Whispers in the Night.  This is a book about his sister, Patricia. Good job,  Ms. Love. ~ B. J. Woodbury

The title of this book, "And Then Came You" is very suiting to the overall story. This is one of those hard-to-put-down books until you finish it in one sitting.
Thanks Ms. Love for giving us Parker Ryan's story and once again you illustrated the unconditional love of family that Parker receives in this book.
Hope we don't have to wait so long to read another one of your books. ~ HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICE
Ms Love puts ‘love’ into her work.  Very detailed and full of insight. This book takes feelings and relationships into a whole different area. You come away looking in the mirror at yourself.  The mark of a great story teller.  I look forward to reading more of Ms. Love’s work in the future. I just got the book.  It's very uplifting. Check it out. 
I truly enjoyed this book, the characterization and storyline was very believable and on point. The best friends, Parker and Chi, and Parker's sister Patricia and her husband Mac, had me purchasing the other two books to get a take on their story. Even though you don't need the prequels to get an understanding of the characters, I'm positive that after reading this book you will want to purchase them also. I recommend this book without hesitation. Ms. Love you have been added to my list of best authors. Keep up the good work.

Taken By You

Dorothy Love delivers a heartwarming tale with plenty of sexy sizzle. Her writing makes you want to turn down the lights and turn up the heat.  ~ Author Reon Laudat
In her third book of the Ryan Family Collection, TAKEN BY YOU, Dorothy Elizabeth Love gives a touching portrayal of love between two individuals obviously smitten with one another, but having to overcome many setbacks and interferences to be together. I found the messages that Ms. Love conveys in this novel to be very appealing. She nicely covers how we can sometimes get so involved in pleasing others that we forget to do the same for ourselves and that it's okay for men to admit that they need love too. I thought the character development was great, and Ms. Love's writing was flawless. This final book in the collection is a story worth reading. ~ Reviewed by Brenda M. Lisbon

Crossing Paths, Tempting Memories

Dorothy love is a fabulous writer. I have read all her titles and can't wait for the next.
I needed something to drink and went into my local Rite Aid just to buy an ice tea and came across Everlasting Moments. All that I have to say is wow it was truly great read this story has everything you are looking for in romance heartache, gain, love and lost. I was in tears at the end I just had to put the book down and come back to it. The men are strong and the women are stronger because of them if you have not read this book get now.

When Dreams Float

Dorothy Elizabeth Love has written one of the sexiest, exciting, and laugh- out- loud romance stories that I have read in a long time. Loves scenes with Winston and Melanie will have you panting and the scenes with Melanie and her best friend Sandra will have you in stitches.. If you are a romance reader pick this up. If not, you can check it out anyway. ~ APOOO Book Club
WHEN DREAMS FLOAT is the second novel in Dorothy Love's Travel and Love Collection and it is indeed an exotic, erotic, and entertaining read. This story takes place in Tahiti and as usual Love's descriptive use of language allows readers to float away to a tropical paradise and watch a steamy love story unfold.
I truly enjoyed the way Love seamlessly incorporated Tahitian history and scenery into the plot of the story. ~ The RAWSISTAZ
A wonderful fantasy. The author takes you on a beautiful vacation while telling a well written love story involving two people damaged from bad relationship. This is a short, quick, and very satisfying read.
"When Dreams Float" is one of the best books that I've ever read. I love it; it's wonderful... Great setting, great romance, great characters; just a wonderful book. Dorothy is one of the best writers that I know of. She does great work and I wish her so much success. If you haven't read, "Crossing Paths, Tempting Memories" you must read it. All of Dorothy's books are phenomenal!
My hat is off to Dorothy Love. I reviewed this book for my book club "Avid Readers and Reviewers of Jacksonville", and found it to be very exciting and informative. It has a wonderful story line and is not a sleeper. People who still believe a little in romance will really enjoy it. I can't wait to read other books by Dorothy.
WHEN DREAMS FLOAT is a wonderful read for a rainy day, it will draw readers in and carry them off to a tropical paradise.

Everlasting Moments

In Everlasting Moments Dottie Love transports us to beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition to the descriptions of the beautiful scenery, there are multi-faceted characters and passionate loves scenes, resulting in a sizzling, romance. This book is a romance with all the right ingredients and indeed a page turner destined to be a winner. ~ Stacey Seay
Everlasting Moments by Dorothy Elizabeth Love is an enthralling tale that is enhanced by the culture and backdrop of Brazil.   Against the beautiful backdrop of Brazil and with twists and turns injected from past incidences as well as friends and supposed friends who stir the pot, this novel follows Rhea and Gus as they decide whether it is worth pursuing their undeniable passion and attraction. This is a fascinating tale with many interesting supporting characters and good tension injected by interactions with friends and family. Ms. Love's compelling writing drives you to love some characters, while inciting frustration and dislike of others. That ability is a sign of good writing and good character development. This was my first read of a novel by Ms. Love, however I've already ordered more of her works.
A chance meeting at a Miami airport takes them on a whirlwind ride of learning to trust and to let go of the past. Everlasting Moments also offers some hilarious secondary characters that provide wit and believable dialogue, which adds depth to this tale of love.  Miss Love provides an exquisite display of several cities in modern Brazil while adding a history lesson of the country. Also included is the portrayal of the holiday season celebration, both festive and religious, in this richly diverse country.  Excellent portrayal of Brazil and a recommended read. ~ Dawn R. Reeves
Everlasting Moments is my first read by this author. After reading reviews and visiting the author's website I purchased after reading an excerpt. I loved the style, story, scenery descriptions and overall flow of the book.