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When Dreams Float Excerpt

If there was ever a time to thank his lucky stars, this was it. But Winston Knight was a man of science and didn't put much stock in chance or luck. He dealt better with facts. And the fact of the matter was that something about her halted him, excited his insides and numbed him to the world around him. He didn't understand why he felt so drawn to her, and that intrigued him.

Another luscious thought ricocheted through Winston's mind as he watched her slip the long gold chain around her neck, its attached pendant dipping between the pale yellow lace of her blouse. The pendant lay softly against cinnamon brown skin. How he would love to run his fingers up, down and around that chain.

The problem was he had never met her before. And from where he was standing on the other side of the jewelry store, he wouldn't get the chance. She was about to leave.

Somewhere in his aroused fog a voice called to him. "Final call for Flight Number TN1 to Papeete, Tahiti."

Winston quickly glanced down at his watch. He was booked on that flight, the start of his business trip, a medical retreat. It was the only plane leaving Los Angeles airport for Papeete this afternoon. His mind warred between rushing to catch his flight or missing it in order to go around the jewelry shop counter and confront the attractive lady who had caused his current physical condition.

Making a quick decision Winston took a step in her direction, stopping only long enough to put back the item he'd picked up to use as an excuse to stare at the woman as she had tried on the necklace. He had never had an immediate reaction this strong and was dying to discover more. He would end this fantasy and go introduce himself.

Maybe this won't start as another mundane business trip after all, he thought. "Damn it!" he mumbled looking around the store. "Where did she go?"

Entering the corridor, he looked to the left, away from his plane and saw a figure dressed in pale yellow amongst a crowd of people headed around a corner. He looked to the right and saw the airline attendant preparing to close the gate to his plane. Even if he sprinted like a NFL running back, he wouldn't make it to his dream girl in time to still make the flight.

"Damn," he said, reluctantly trotting toward his gate. That would teach him to hesitate before going after something he wanted.

As he boarded the plane, he spotted Chuck Rogers, a friend and fellow doctor. He waved, genuinely glad to see him. He and Chuck had been planning this trip for months. And he was glad to get it started. Besides, the past twenty-four hours had been more taxing than he had expected. His ex-girlfriend, Daphne, had called him last night to argue about his decision to make the trip without her. It had ruined his evening. And the disappointment he had just experienced from missing a chance to meet someone new didn't help much. So Chuck's friendly face was just what he needed.

"Glad you made it. I was getting worried that you wouldn't,"

Chuck said over the general chatter of travelers and movement in first class. "Where're you sitting?"

Winston glanced at his boarding pass. "Seat 3C. Aisle." He found his seat and placed his carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment.

"I think this one is empty." Chuck pointed to the seat next to him. "Join me back here."

As Winston removed his luggage from overhead someone, he assumed the flight attendant, asked, "Is there an extra blanket under your case?"

"I'm about to remove my bag. I'll check." He took a step backward and bumped into her. Turning to apologize, he felt a jolt, partly from the contact, but mostly from the shock.

An inviting smile greeted him first. Then he noticed the fullness of her ruby-colored lips, the soft slant of her chocolate eyes, the shine of her black hair that lay on soft brown shoulders. She was lovely. There was a hint of Jasmine, her perfume, in the air.
He was definitely the lucky one.

"No." Winston had to think hard to remember the reason she stood next to him. He liked her smile, treasured her closeness. "Yellow looks good on you." His eyes traveled farther down. "Especially with that necklace you have on."